Different types of shower faucet

1、 Washbasin faucet
It is installed on the washbasin to discharge cold water, hot water or cold and hot mixed water. The valve body is made of brass, with chrome plating, gold plating and various metal baking paints on the surface. The shapes are diverse, and the handle has single handle type and double handle type.

2、 Cold water faucet
It is installed on the water pipe for drainage. The structure of cold water faucet is mostly screw lifting type, that is, the screw is lifted and discharged or closed through the rotation of the handle, which mainly depends on the rubber pad at the top of the screw to seal.

3、 Thermostatic faucet
It is installed above the shower room to open the cold and hot mixed water. There are many kinds and styles of faucets. When buying, you should consider matching with sanitary ware. Different brands of sanitary ware have different requirements for the size of the faucet.